Discover new immersive worlds and visceral experiences produced by Stroll Groove. Each visual series is a look into the possibility of how Stroll Groove can enhance your project through creative choreography and performance.


One of the subgroups of Stroll Groove, the KSQUAD is comprised of four phenomenal women who represent power, unity, and an uncanny sense of rhythm.  These ladies have several years of professional dance experience on-camera and live stage performance in cultural styles of stepping, African, dancehall, samba, & more!  They are ideal to frame your artist in a music video, perform high-octane routines for large audiences, showcase interactive sets for private events, and represent in fitness-inspired spots (click visual for full video).


This concept catalogs some of the artistic sub-genres Stroll Groove covers.  Choreographer Joe Brown subjects viewers to an anthology of movement in similar vein to that of grindhouse previews prevalent in 1970s cinema.  Quirky, but relevant visual overlays enhance each performance with a bit of social commentary subtext. This series predicts the next phase in the company's artistic journey. Click on each visual then the link symbol (lower right) to view full videos.


This beginning concept utilizes stripped down warehouse space to allow Stroll Groove to experiment with fun, bright commercial concepts. From soda pop to fine jewelry, blue jeans to dress shoes, these videos showcase how your product can become the star of our choreography. Click on each visual below to view full videos.

KSQUAD Fitness