"An explosive fusion of stepping, percussion, & many dance styles..."

"An immersive dance entertainment with customizable themes based on the clients' needs..."

"A dynamite party of experienced professional dancers of different cultural styles..."

Stroll Groove not only delivers unforgettable performances, but pertinent social messages and critique on current affairs.  Each member believes in progress, as artists and activists for unity & equality.  The company actively hosts and participates in forums to mobilize the community to utilize their media platforms to incite positive change.  With close attention,  recognize how each engaging performance reflects the current times!




Music Video
Live Shows
​Corporate & Private events
College Visitations

Since 2013, Stroll Groove continues to be recognized not only as an innovative new style, but as a professional performance company showcasing its thunderous dancers on network television (NBC World of Dance Season 1), commercials, at renowned industry events, & community dance workshops on both coasts.  

Led by MSA's own JOE BROWN, who has 20+ years of professional experience in the step performance genre, Stroll Groove pushes the envelope in their artistry with staging that involves the audience in an immersive, compelling way.  Coined as the 'Moving House Party,' Stroll Groove grabs elements of timeless social dance that is guaranteed to have the entire venue joining in the movement!